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GoodWe consolidates its position in Spain after a successful participation at the Genera Exhibition


A GoodWe “Fiesta” during Genera.

The most reputed solar industry exhibition of Spain, Genera, took place last week in Madrid and GoodWe had an outstanding participation, allowing the company to be recognized as one of the rising stars of the Spanish solar market.


Since last year and in a very short period of time, Spain has become the fastest growing market of Europe and one of the main drivers of growth of the entire industry across the world. Against this backdrop and wishing to impress and send a powerful message to the Iberian market, GoodWe prepared meticulously this year’s edition attendance, with one large booth strategically situated that featured design improvements and a carefully prepared selection of some of our inverters, conceived to give the Spanish customers a good demonstration of our portfolio, of our technological achievements and of our long-term commitment to the Spanish market. This preparation paid off and our team is going home with many strategic new contacts.

We introduced at the Genera Exhibition some of our most representative inverters but also some of our new products. For the residential market, that in Spain is huge and it is expanding across the whole country, we introduced the XS, the DNS and the SDT G2 inverters families, which impressed visitors for their design and functionality. Many visitors to our booth previously knew of how friendly and how user-oriented are our inverters and after seeing our inverters by themselves, many customers became convinced of the strengths of our company products on this market segment.


For the Commercial and Industrial segment, we presented our most representative models, the SMT and MT Series, which surprised many visitors due to their remarkably low power density. Spain, as it is known, it’s a country with a long history in the solar industry and on this exhibition we were visited by many customers that still remember the very big inverters of the old days and that were surprised to see that inverters of the size of the SMT and the MT were as compact and had a functionality as powerful as they are.

On the energy storage segment, we presented the ET and the EH inverters, that also raised many eyebrows among visitors. The ET, is already well known in Europe and many potential buyers knew already about its strong UPS function. The EH, on the other hand, was identified by many installers as a very good choice for users that at the moment of going solar still hesitate to install full energy storage systems. We got many positive comments and our team left the exhibition with the certainty that the EH will be a strong sales product in the Iberian market.



Aunque el perfil de la feria Genera es más cercano al mercado de generación distribuida, muchos visitantes y empresas se quedaron impresionados con la potencia y las  características del nuevo inversor de la Serie HT, del que dijeron tener un enorme potencial para los proyectos solares de gran escala de España o para las plantas solares desarrolladas por empresas españolas a lo largo del mundo. El desarrollo de los inversores EH y HT claramente pone de manifiesto que GoodWe ha entrado en la liga de los líderes de la industria en lo que se refiere a desarrollo tecnológico. 

Uno de los aspectos más satisfactorios de Genera es que muchas empresas, organizaciones y visitantes se aproximaron a nuestro stand porque previamente habían oído cosas buenas de GoodWe, como el hecho de que nuestra empresa ha establecido una red de servicios post-venta en España. Otro aspecto importante es que esta feria nos permitió tener una mayor interacción con nuestros distribuidores, que también compartieron con nosotros una opinión muy positive de parte de sus clientes. Finalmente, Genera fue una especie de puente que nos permitió acercarnos a nuevos clientes potenciales de Portugal y del vasto mundo hispanohablante, como el mercado del Caribe. 


Although the profile of the Genera Exhibition is closer to the DG market, many large companies were impressed by the power and features of our new HT Series inverters and saw great potential for this inverter for the large-scale solar projects of Spain as well as for the large utility projects of Spanish companies all over the world. The development of the EH and the HT inverters clearly demonstrate that GoodWe has entered the great league of the technology leaders in the inverter industry.

One of the best and most satisfying aspects of the Genera Exhibition was that many companies, home owners and organizations came to our booth by referral, because they heard good things about our company and heard also that we have set up an after-sales network service. Another positive development of our participation is that it allowed our team to interact closer with our existing distributors in Spain, which also shared with us a very positive feedback from their customers. Finally, the Genera Exhibition was some sort of a bridge from which we presented our products to customers from Portugal and other corners of the vast Spanish speaking world, such as the Caribbean region.

GoodWe closed last year with strong sales in the Spanish solar market, which in turn raised our company in the ranking of the Chinese suppliers of this market. This year’s participation at Genera will certainly consolidate these rising trends.

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