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GoodWe Awarded EuPD Research Top Brand PV Seal for the Netherlands
2018-07-03 17:32:46

For the second year in a row, GoodWe is ranked among the top inverter manufacturers based on recommendation levels by Dutch PV installers and customers, who have GoodWe as their first choice for solar inverters.

GoodWe has been awarded the 2018 Top Brand PV seal in the Netherlands  for the second consecutive year, as announced by German independent market research specialist EuPD Research. Based on 15 years of research, the prestigious Top Brand PV seal is awarded based on EuPD Research installer survey, which analyzes brand perception, customer’s preferred choice and distribution in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, UK, Austria, Switzerland and Australia, in order to identify the inverter brand which distinguishes itself from the rest in the perception of their customers. 

“We are very proud of this award. Our pledge is to provide our clients high quality products according to strict European standards and values. The EuPD award is the result of GoodWe’s steady product and service quality improvement process, significant investments in R&D and production processes”, stated Huang Min, CEO of GoodWe.

The Netherlands is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe which is set to exceed 1 GW of newly installed capacity in 2018 covering residential rooftops and commercial projects. With an established branch office and dedicated technical support team and an overall installed capacity of 250 MW in the Dutch market, GoodWe is in a privileged position to better meet customers’ demands and increase its growing market share.