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A Statement About GoodWe Storage Inverters
2018-01-12 18:00:00

While our GoodWe storage series products ES, EM, BP and SBP are technically compatible and capable of achieving good results with lead-acid batteries, newer-technology Lithium-ion batteries with direct communication to the charging device are the preferred battery choice. Lead-Acid and other similar older- technology battery types require experienced and precise design, installation and maintenance to work effectively and efficiently. If any of these factors are inadequate, it may result in battery failure. Customers should always make sure that they engage an experienced solar installation designer and installer to ensure that the ES, EM, BP and SBP series products are installed, maintained and used effectively and efficiently.    

As a result of this and to encourage the use of new technologies, from the 28th of February 2018, only the battery models specifically listed on our ‘approved battery option statement’ will be approved for connection to the GoodWe storage products. This will only apply to new installations and will not have any bearing on installations that occurred before this date.  GoodWe wishes to reiterate that existing installations incorporating lead-acid and similar older-technology batteries are safe and effective if properly designed and installed, and there is no need for customers to upgrade to newer-technology batteries.  If customers with existing lead-acid or similar older-technology battery installations have any concerns, they should arrange an inspection by a suitably qualified person.

Approved Battery Option Statement.pdf